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Mersel Foods Private Limited is a producer and exporter of table grapes, Pomegranates and Corn in vaccum pack. The company’s head office is located in Nashik, Maharashtra; its sales offices are situated in Europe (Riga, Latvia) and in United Kingdom.
Our integrated and certified pack houses are located in Nashik close to vineyards.

The company operates in European countries through its sales office, Unisel Co. , Riga, Latvia

Expertise is our passion!

Expertise involves not only knowledge of the specifics of working with clients in the markets of the European Union and CIS countries (Russia and Belarus), but also the strict implementation of the packaging and post-harvest handling procedures in order to ensure the freshness and long shelf life of produce.

Year by year, the number of our B2B partners is growing, as well as the number of countries to which we deliver high-quality produce.

Mersel Foods is the reliable partner, committed to achieving excellence in handling of fresh produce. We are an experienced supplier of fresh table grapes, pomegranates and corn. We export to 15 countries in Europe and CIS countries (mainly Russia and Belarus). Our clients are the largest wholesalers and leading retail chains.


We are a team of dedicated professionals adept at diverse specialties, working together with farmers, service providers, vendors and clients in an environment of mutual trust and respect, with a goal to build and maintain sustainable channels for efficient flow of high-quality fruits from farms to consumers worldwide.


To offer a wide variety of high-quality table grapes mostly sourced from our own farms. To implement advanced farming technologies with a purpose to produce safe and tasty fruits, and to keep the environment ecologically clean.

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