Our Production

Mersel Foods Private Limited is a Grower, producer of fresh produce in India

The company provides a full cycle of post-harvest-handling: selection of vineyard among farmers, harvesting, sorting, packaging, pre-cooling, storage.

Our Infrastructure

Our infrastructure, integrated pack houses, are located in immediate vicinity of farms allows us to maintain the highest possible freshness and quality of produce. We have a wide network of suppliers among farmers (more than GLOBALG.A.P. certified 400 farmers) which ensures shipment of the required volume of produce on time. The entire post-harvest-handling is carried out by the team of Mersel Foods experts, which allows us to maintain a high quality of produce up to the last level of supply chain – retail outlet.

Mersel Foods operates from 3 pack houses which are located in Nashik. Packaging capacity: 3 x 40″ reefer containers per day.

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Production region
Maharashtra State

Maharashtra is a state in central part of India. In Sanskrit, the word “Maharashtra” means “great country”. It is the largest state of the country in terms of area. More than half of inhabitants of the states are engaged in agriculture.


The climate of Maharashtra State is tropical monsoon, with mild summers from March to early June. Because of the particularly favourable climate and soil, the region is a perfect place for growing table grapes and pomegranates.


The company operates on a pre-determined programme of produce supply to customers, which guarantees uninterrupted supply of produce throughout the entire season.

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